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Augmented Reality Glasses

Participate in a Study to Earn a Free VR Headset ($40 value)!

Did an ad or flyer bring you here? Thanks for visiting! Recruitment for this study is currently paused. Please check back later to see if more slots have been made available!

Fill out the form below and hit submit
to be contacted about this study evaluating how motion impacts the way we interact with our environment while in virtual reality.

Thanks for submitting!

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To be eligible, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.

  • Have access to a computer with a webcam (other than your phone)

  • Have no known health condition that involves nausea or postural instability

  • Have not used VR more than 10 times in the past

  • Be willing and able to refrain from eating for two hours prior to your participation

Eligible participants will take part in a research study:

  • Participation will take approximately one hour

  • The study will take place online over video conferencing

  • You will be asked to complete questionnaires about your health history, demographic information, and feeling states.

  • Next, you will take part in a VR simulation where you will explore a VR environment using a provided headset that will be shipped to you.

  • Finally, you will answer some more questions of a non-personal nature.

In exchange for your successful participation in this study you will be allowed to keep the provided VR headset.




Contact us using the form above to schedule an eligibility screening, or self-schedule yourself by clicking on the blue "Screening - VR" link in the scheduler (desktop only).

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