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Elderly Couple Practising Yoga

Cancer Survivors, Values, and Physical Activity Group

Cancer survivors are invited to volunteer for an online study evaluating a group intervention designed to increase your physical activity and improve your quality of life. Participants are eligible to earn up to $50 over the course of the study!

To be eligible, you must:

  • Have previously completed treatment for cancer.

  • Be at least 18 years of age.

  • Have access to a computer with a webcam.

  • Have access to a stable internet connection.

  • Live in the state of Ohio and be in Ohio for all group sessions.

  • Optionally: Own a FitBit that you wear regularly and are willing to wear over the course of the intervention.

Eligible participants will receive 5 sessions of an online group intervention.

  • Each session will last 60-75 minutes.

  • The group will be offered online over video conferencing.

  • You will be asked to complete surveys about your experience before and after the group.

  • Your physical activity will also be measured 6-weeks after the group ends.


The group is offered free of charge and participants may earn up to $50 for participation (dependent on the number of measures completed).

Upcoming Sessions


March 29th-

April 26th



April 1st -

April 29th


April 7th-

May 5th



Fill out the form below and press submit to be contacted to see if you are eligible to participate in this free group offering up to $50 in reimbursement!

Recruitment is currently paused. Please check back later. 

Questions about our research ethics or affiliations? Please visit the links below or let us know if you have questions!

University of Toledo Psychology Department

University of Toledo Human Research Protection Program

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