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Are you interested in a career in psychology, public health, counseling, or medicine? Gain valuable experience in a research lab to build your CV.

Our lab accepts a select number of research assistants (RAs) each semester to work with us on developing, running and disseminating our research.

Our research: Our lab focuses on health and treatment effects, perceptions, and decision-making.


We answer questions such as:

  • Why do patients choose some treatments over others?

  • How can we reduce treatment side-effects for patients?

  • How can the placebo effect be used to make all treatments more effective?

  • How does the way that doctors communicate with patients influence treatment outcomes?

Description:  RAs spend 6-12 hours in our lab weekly in exchange for course credit (2-4 credits).


RAs are responsible for:

  • Attending lab meetings

  • Collecting informed consent from study participants

  • Running various components of research studies

  • Completing tasks such as literature reviews or data cleaning and analysis

Benefits: We aspire to make our lab a place where our RAs gain the knowledge and experience necessary to start their graduate career.


RAs in our lab

  • Receive 2-4 credit hours for their work.

  • Attend weekly lab meetings on topics such as research design, survey programs, and graduate school admissions.

  • Meet at least once a semester with a graduate student mentor to discuss career and graduate school-related issues.

  • Collaborate with like-minded individuals on a similar career trajectory.

  • Sometimes have the opportunity to present or author lab-relevant research.



Click the "Apply" button below to complete an application at any time. Applications are reviewed during the last month of each semester, and selected applicants will be invited to interview. If you would like to chat about being an RA with Dr. Geers or one of his graduate students, send an email to with any questions you have.

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